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FREE Discovery Call

A discovery call is just what it sounds like; an opportunity for us to connect and get a feel for each other. If you feel called to work with me or have some curiosity about mentorship, I invite you to book a discovery call. It’s a great energetic investment in yourself, no matter the outcome.

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Oracle Deck Card Pull


I love this medicine. For this offering I use Alana Fairchild’s Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck, the very one I consult regularly for my own healing and guidance. All I need is your name, though a photo can be helpful. I connect with you energetically through Source and ask your guides, ascended masters, ancestors and Angels what you most need to know at this stage of your journey. I find this question to be the most fruitful, but am also open to your intuition about what question to ask.

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One Month Package

$515 (payment plan available upon request)

Intuitive Guidance, Trigger Work, Deep Healing, Energetic Assistance

  • 4 x 60 minute healing sessions to be used over one month

  • unlimited e-mail support


Three Month Package

$1111 (payment plan available upon request)

Personalized Mentorship, Intuitive Guidance, Deep Healing, Trigger Work, Distance Reiki Healing, Wounded Inner Child Work, Soul Remembering

  • 9 x 60 minute healing sessions to be used over 3 months

  • unlimited email support