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FREE Discovery Call

A discovery call is just what it sounds like; an opportunity for us to chat, ask each other some questions and discover if we vibe well together. If you are interested in working with me I encourage you to book this FREE 30 min call, it’s a great energetic investment in yourself, no matter the outcome. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Mind Mapping - Goal Setting Session


Do you have a project or dream that you know you can make a reality but start feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do? Do you feel like you could succeed if you could just get clarity around the first few steps? The Mind Mapping and Goal Setting Session is a 60 min call offering support around these issues. We will go through the amazing technique of Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping helps you take all the ideas you have about how to accomplish your goal and see the flow of how to get there and what to prioritize. It enables you to break up your larger vision into smaller, actionable plans. Which, in turn, lifts the air of mystery and relieves the stress and anxiety surrounding making your dream a reality. Empower yourself to be motivated with direction around your big goals! Book your FREE Discovery Call with me so we can talk about your big ideas and your needs.

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One Month Package


Take the leap of faith in yourself.  Every week for a month you can depend on an hour long coaching call with me, Laura Ann, and build momentum. We will explore what you want out of life, set up goals along the road to get you there and work through your blocks as they arise. During our time together I hold space for you and listen, both to you and my intuition. I’ll be your resource, guide, accountability partner and cheerleader on our calls and be available for e-mail support throughout the month.  Book your FREE Discovery Call with me and we can talk about what you are looking for…in life and in our time together!

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Three Month Package


Take a deep dive into yourself. For the first month we have a weekly hour long call and for the remaining two months we move to a call every other week. This deep dive approach is a more serious commitment to yourself and allows for a more transformative experience. We have more opportunities together to explore what you want, for blocks to surface and for breakthroughs. It takes time to build new patterns, and doing so with my support over three months will help you ground into them more deeply. Book your FREE Discovery Call with me and we can talk about what you are looking for…in life and in our time together!