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A little about me…


My name is Laura Ann Gilpin. As a young girl I was lost in a world of imagination, always writing and creating. Since childhood I have loved music and dancing, animals and nature, travel, adventure and connecting with people. I have a sensitive soul and have always felt deeply the emotions of others.

As a young woman I was on a serious mission to feel good. I was a master escape artist! From myself and my past trauma, from the world, from pain and discomfort. For over half my life I escaped in one form or another, using alcohol, drugs, sex, love, abusive relationships, eating disorders, exercise, adrenaline, Netflix (Gilmore Girls streaming?!). All of this just to avoid looking within myself and feeling/dealing with what I found.

One day, while journaling in a tent on a farm in the mountains of Puerto Rico, I had the epiphany (seemingly out of nowhere!) that my next step was to become a massage therapist. I listened to my intuition, knew this was my path and moved forward with gusto. Pursuing my passion for the healing arts helped me learn how to love myself. And taught me that loving yourself is the foundation for all healing and release.

Today, I am happy, in tune with my body and have a deep sense of purpose and peace. I’m living the soul aligned life of my dreams with my soulmate and our four fur-babies! Looking back, I can see that every time I trusted myself and listened to my heart I made a decision that guided me one step closer to where I am now. It is my joy to have the chance to guide you in creating the happy, healthy, soul-aligned life of your dreams. Book a discovery call with me and we can talk about where you are in life and where you dream of going.

i was never addicted
to one thing;
i was addicted to filling
a void
within myself
with things other
than my own love

~yung pueblo