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Why work with me as your coach?


 You know you have so much to offer the world but feel stuck or blocked in life.

You feel your dreams are within sight but out of reach.

You can see yourself acting out the same patterns over and over but aren’t sure how to break the cycle.

You are tired of struggling and not getting results in your health and wellness.

You crave a healthy relationship with yourself.

You want deeper self awareness.

Don’t wait to be completely healed
or transformed to pursue your higher
purpose and calling.

Pursue them now.

Being who you’re here to be is what
helps you heal and transform.

~Lalah Delia


Hello dear heart. My name is Laura Ann Gilpin. I’m a Life and Wellness Coach, helping people who are ready to break self-destructive patterns in their wellness so they can live happy, healthy and soul aligned lives.

I believe that at the root of self-destructive behavior there is a block in our ability to love ourselves. Our blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns can be rooted in past stories of ourselves, our family or even society. To be free to create new stories, we need to shine the light of awareness on the old ones. Doing this inner work and learning how to love and accept yourself are the keys to creating a happy, healthy and soul aligned life.

As an addict in recovery with a past of my own, I know firsthand how much courage it takes to recognize you need guidance moving forward. You are a badass for being here! Throughout my life as a healer I have studied many different resources and techniques. I have personally overcome many of my own blocks, learning so much through my own healing journey. I would love to share my knowledge and intuitive guidance with you. Book a discovery call with me so we can talk about what brought you to my site and what your heart desires. I will love to hear from you!