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Why work with me?

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You crave the empowerment to transform yourself and your life from the inside out.

You believe in the transformative power of love.

You know you have so much to offer the world but feel stuck or trapped.

You keep reliving the same patterns but aren’t sure how to break the cycle.

You have reached a breaking point with your self-destructive patterns.

You have had enough of feeling desperate, lost or inadequate.

You are going through a period of transition and feel overwhelmed.

You feel called to learn how to love yourself and heal from your past. 

You desire deeper self awareness and a sense of inner peace.

You are ready to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

You feel your heart calling for you to work with me.

“I loved myself back to life.” ~Laura Ann

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I loved myself back to life.

As a little girl I was sparkling bright and full of magic. Full of imagination and spirit, always playing, always learning and creating. Always feeling deeply, caring for every living thing, talking to animals and trees. As a little girl my heart broke into a million pieces when I experienced sexual abuse. I was so traumatized that I repressed all memories of what happened deep, deep within my mind, body and spirit, trying to protect myself so I could grow past what I could not comprehend.

But the trauma remained there, buried deep within every cell, effecting me every single moment and showing up as self-destructive behavior. At 15 it was an eating disorder. Then cigarettes, then drugs and alcohol, and finally abusive relationships. I was so miserable and desperate within myself that all I could manage to do was pretend everything was fine and continually find ways of escaping. I was terrified of being me, of being seen by others and even looking within myself.  

Through it all, though, I still heard the whispers of my heart.  Very quietly at first. Over time I learned to trust my heart’s guidance.  I trusted my heart when she told me to leave my home and work on a farm in Puerto Rico.  I trusted her when she told me to move to Austin, go to massage school and pursue a career in the healing arts. And thank god I did!  Learning to care for others built the bridge for me to learn to care for myself. To remember how to love myself.  Loving myself opened the door to healing my trauma. In rediscovering how to love myself I began to realign with my soul’s purpose.  To live life more and more based on my heart’s guidance, on my feelings and intuition. To stop my self-destructive patterns and live sober. To start listening to and nourishing my body and spirit. These heart centered decisions and actions continue to create space for me to heal, which continue to strengthen my connection to heart, and on and on.

Self-love is the key to soul aligned living, and it is a lifelong practice. Learning how to love and accept myself has been my gateway home. I am living the soul aligned life of my dreams! I loved myself back to life and into alignment with my soul’s purpose. And so can you.

I am Laura Ann, Heart and Healing Mentor. I am here to hold space for you and empower you on your own journey home, as you love yourself into the soul aligned life of your dreams.